Prevention is Cheaper than Cure!

Get a Better Assessment of Your Annual Cashflow Health Today.

What is Affordometer ?

Affordometer is an online personal cashflow check up system that helps users gets an annual assessment of their cashflow health in advance. It is an early warning system that allows users to predict what is going to happen to their cashflow over a period of 12 months.

With the Affordometer you will be able to

  • Project your cashflow 12 months ahead in advance.
  • Discover potential cashflow problem in advance.
  • Prevent potential cashflow problem in advance.
  • Make better spending and savings decision.


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  • Now, I can focus on my financial goals and live free from money worries.

    Debbie. A, Teacher
  • Nobody should be allowed to spend their paycheck without the Affordometer.

    Marc. R, Project Manager
  • Wished I had known this 10 years ago.

    Gabriel, A, Web Developer